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Newsletter January 2020 - Happy New Year!

Newsletter December 2019 - Why do my pets need "booster shots"?

Newsletter November 2019 - Why Should I castrate my male dog/cat?

Newsletter October 2019 - Why does my cat / dog need regular teeth cleaning?

Newsletter September 2019 - How often do we need to vaccinate our pets against Rabies?

Newsletter August 2019 - How do I know my cat has arthritis?

Newsletter July 2019 - What lumps and bumps on my pet should cause concern?

Newsletter June 2019 - What is the big deal with ultrasound?

Newsletter May 2019 - Why do we vaccinate our pets?

Newsletter April 2019 - Why does my pet need an anaesthetic for teeth cleaning procedure?

Newsletter March 2019 - Why do we need to spay and neuter our pets?

Newsletter February 2019- How do I protect my cat against feline leukemia?

Newsletter January 2019 - Happy New Year!

Newsletter December 2018- What dogs are more at risk for infection with cat flu?

Newsletter November 2018- Do dogs and cats really need regular dental care?

Newsletter October 2018- Should our dog/cat only be spayed AFTER her first heat?

Newsletter September 2018- Is it still necessary to vaccinate our pets against Rabies?

Newsletter August 2018- Should I have my pet's lumps investigated?

Newsletter July 2018- How do I improve my senior pet's health and life span?

Newsletter June 2018- Why does my puppy need a series of vaccinations?

Newsletter May 2018- Why does my pet need a routine dental scale & polish procedure?

Newsletter April 2018- Why should I sterilise my pet?

Newsletter March 2018- Is there any treatment for failing kidneys?

Newsletter February 2018- Should I know my cat's Feline Leukemia or Feline Aids status?

Newsletter January 2018- Do we have to vaccinate our pet yearly?

Newsletter December 2017- Is it worth microchipping my pets?

Newsletter November 2017- What can I do to improve the overall oral health of my pets?

Newsletter October 2017- Why is my female kitten suddenly behaving strangely?

Newsletter September 2017- Is rabies a risk with all animal bites or scratches?

Newsletter August 2017- Is it important to know whether my pet is infected with intestinal parasites?

Newsletter July 2017- How do I help my senior pet stay happy and healthy?

Newsletter June 2017- What is so important about a yearly visit to the vet?

Newsletter May 2017- Can I give my dog bones to clean its teeth?

Newsletter April 2017- We do not have male dogs - should the females really be spayed?

Newsletter March 2017- Why does my vet nag me to have my pets' kidney function check?

Newsletter February 2017- Why can we not take our exotic pets to just any veterinarian?

Newsletter January 2017- Just a quick word...

Newsletter December 2016- Why do we still see devastating outbreaks of "Katgriep" (Parvo Virus) ?

Newsletter November 2016- Why do my pet's teeth stay brown and their
breath unpleasant despite brushing?

Newsletter October 2016- What are the benefits of sterilising dogs and cats?

Newsletter September 2016- How do we protect our families and pets from rabies?

Newsletter August 2016- How do I know if my geriatric dogs are getting what they need?

Newsletter July 2016- Do I really have to tolerate stinky breath?

Newsletter June 2016- Do we really need to vaccinate our pets regularly?

Newsletter May 2016- Can kidney disease be detected before they become ill?

Newsletter April 2016- At what age should dogs and cats be sterilised?

Newsletter March 2016- Should my pets be microchipped?

Newsletter February 2016- Is my parrot as happy and healthy as I think it is?

Newsletter January 2016- Is there an easy way to improve my pet's skin and coat condition?

Newsletter Desember 2015- How do we prepare our pets for the festive season?

Newsletter November 2015- Do my dogs and cats really need regular dental care?

Newsletter October 2015- Is it really necessary to sterilize our cats and dogs?

Newsletter September 2015- Is Rabies a Risk?

Newsletter August 2015- Do exotic pets get worms and other intestinal parasites?

Newsletter July 2015- Is my pet slowing down because of old age

or because of stiff sore joints?

Newsletter June 2015- Do I need medical insurance for my pets?

Newsletter May 2015- S A Guide-Dogs Association

Newsletter April 2015- Why does my pets weight matter?

Newsletter March 2015- Why does my pet need a dental procedure?

Newsletter Jan/Feb 2015- Should I Microchip?

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